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TerranQuest Lore

This page needs improvement. Reason: It's not the best writing in the world. If someone wants to write a good backstory, please do.

There are seven types of magic in this world. Six elements of nature: water, fire, earth, wind, light, and dark. There is also a seventh element: life. Life is the source of all magical power.

Long ago, the wielders of the six elements were united as one. The magics were harnessed with responsibility and respect.

Then disagreement and discord arose. Some become jealous of others. A great war followed, destroying much life. As a result of this bloodshed, the magic wilted and died.

Over time, the magic sunk deep into the Earth, living on only in dreams. Science forgot magic, and ancient knowledge was lost.

Now, however, the world has come full circle. Science has become magic in a different form. The new sorcerers, scientists, harness the powers of the elements with their modern tools. They know little, but the whispers of ancient power has influenced their actions.

The old is become new. Magic is real, it only seems different. Control the elements and bring peace to the Earth. Channel the powers of magic through your smartphone or tablet. It is up to you to give your technology a true purpose. There are those who do not want unity, who thrive in chaos. They are all the more reason to go out and fight.

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